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Chemical Dependence: Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention
ISBN #03879729s7

Alcoholism and other drug dependencies in our society have reached epidemic proportions. Physicians are in an excellent position to help prevent the diseases, to diagnose it, to aid families in getting addicts into treatment, and to play an important role in long-term recovery. This text was written for medical students, interns, residents, and practicing physicians who daily come in contact with chemically dependent individuals and their families. It should also be helpful to physicians who treat chemical dependence, as well as to other health professionals, including psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and alcohol and drug counselors. The book is my concept of what a medical school curriculum in chemical dependence should be. It has been used in a one-year addiction medicine fellowship at the University of Mississippi School of medicine. The fellowship was open to anyone who had completed a family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, or psychiatric residency.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I. The Basics

Chapter 2. Diagnosis
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4.
Recovery & Relapse
Chapter 5.
The Family
Chapter 6.

Part II. Psychoactive Substances

Chapter 7. Basic Principles of Pharmacology
Chapter 8. CNS Depressants: Alcohol
Chapter 9. CNS Depressants: Barbiturates, Barbiturate-like Drugs, Meprobamate, Chloral Hydrate, Paraldehyde
Chapter 10. CNS Depressants: Benzodiazepines
Chapter 11. Opiods
Chapter 12. CNS Stimulants: Amphetamines, Amphetamine Cogeners, Caffeine, Others
Chapter 13. CNS Stimulants: Cocaine
Chapter 14. CNS Stimulants: Nicotine
Chapter 15. Cannabinoids
Chapter 16. Hallucinogens
Chapter 17. Phencyclidines
Chapter 18. Inhalants


Part III. Special Groups

Chapter 19. Women
Chapter 20. Adolescents
Chapter 21. The Elderly
Chapter 22. Ethnic Minority Groups
Chapter 23. The Dual-Diagnosis Patient
Chapter 24. The HIV-Positive Patient
Chapter 25. The Impaired Physician


Appendix A. Terminology
Appendix B. Street/Slang Names for Drugs


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