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Crime: Computer Viruses to Twin Towers
ISBN #1581124899

An overview of the United States legal system, with a brief introduction to Islamic and International law, the book is divided into six parts. Part I (The Legal System and Crime) introduces the U.S. legal system and the classification of crime. Part II (White Collar Crime) covers cybercrime, crime the old fashioned way, and healthcare fraud. Part III (Homicide) deals with simple murder, serial murder, mass and spree murder; and assassination. Part IV (Special Groups) covers the mafia; the family; the medical, legal, and teaching professions; the religion profession; celebrities; and stupid criminals. Part V (On the Edge) deals with topics I consider to be a bit strange; that is, quackery, innovative defenses, and dangerous cults. And finally, Part VI (Residue) discusses what is left ... capital punishment and crimes against humanity, including terrorism. Throughout the book, to illustrate points, I have used over 300 cases of actual crimes. The names of the people and the facts of the cases used in the discussions of these crimes are taken directly from referenced news reports.   
     The subtitle, Computer Viruses to Twin Towers, reflects the scope of the book; that is, from computer viruses, which cause only aggravation or loss of money, to the deadly terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 that snuffed out almost 3000 lives

Part I. The Legal System and Crime

Chapter 1. The Legal System
- Law in the United States
- Crime
- Law Enforcement
- Courts
- Punishment
- Juvenile Justice System
- Islamic Legal System
- International Legal System

Chapter 2. Classification of Crime
- Crimes against Government
- Crimes against Habitation
- Crimes against Person
- Crimes against Property
- Crimes against Sexual Morality
- Inchoate Crimes
- White Collar Crime
- Drug Crimes
- Hate Crimes

Part II. White Collar Crime

Chapter 3. Cybercrime
- Auction Fraud
- Charity Scams
- Child Pornography
- Computer Viruses
- Copyright Violation
- Cramming Scams
- Cyber Hijacking
- Cyber Snake Oil
- Cyberstalking
- Cyberterrorism
- Education Scams
- Employment Scams
- Extortion
- Payroll Fraud
- Pigeon Drop
- Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes
- Quick Change Scam
- Seminar Scam
- Telephone Fraud
- Travel Scams

Chapter 4. Crime the Old-fashioned Way
- Advanced Fee Schemes
- Airport Scams
- Auto Repair Scam
- Bank Fraud
- Bankruptcy Scam
- Blackmail/Extortion
- Bribery
- Copyright Infringement
- Corporate Fraud
- Counterfeiting
- Coupon Redemption
- Embezzlement
- Employment Scams
- Environmental Fraud
- Fortune Tellers and Gypsies
- Government Fraud
- Identity Theft
- Investment Schemes
- Insurance Fraud
- Home Improvement Scams
- Jamaican Switch
- Kickback
- Land Fraud
- Lottery/Sweepstakes Scams
- Money Laundering
- Odometer Fraud

Chapter 5. Healthcare Fraud
- Who Commits Healthcare Fraud?
- Types of Healthcare Fraud
- Automobile Accident Fraud
- Contractor Fraud
- Embezzlement
- Fictitious Companies
- Fraudulent Research
- Health Care Facilities
- Individual Health Care Providers
- Medical Equipment Suppliers
- Pharmaceutical Services
- Consumer Fraud

Part III. Homicide

Chapter 6. Murder
- Children and Teenagers who Kill
- Women who Kill
- Men who Kill
- Pairs/Groups that Kill
- Unsolved Murders

Chapter 7. Serial Murder
- Classification of Serial Killers
- Bizarre Serial Killers
- Male Serial Killers
- Female Serial Killers
- Nonselective Serial Killers
- Pair Serial Killers
- Unsolved Serial Murders

Chapter 8. Mass and Spree murder
- Mass Murder
- Spree Murder

Chapter 9. Assassination
- Assassination Attempts
- Assassinations

Part IV. Special Groups

Chapter 10. The Mafia
- Italian Mafia
- Early New York Criminal Gangs
- Organized Crime
- Mafia Structure
- Mafia Families
- Mafia Wives
- Foreign Crime Groups

Chapter 11. Crime in the Family
- Bigamy/Polygamy
- Child Abuse
- Domestic Violence
- Incest
- Murder

Chapter 12. Crime in the Professions
- Legal Profession
- Medical Profession
- Teaching Profession

Chapter 13. In the Name of God
- Historical Crimes
- Modern Crimes

Chapter 14. Celebrity Crime
- Non-lethal Crimes
- Lethal Crimes

Chapter 15. Stupid Criminals
- Bank Robbery
- Burglary
- Murder
- Robbery
- Substance Abuse
- Theft
- Other

Part V. On the Edge

Chapter 16. Quackery
- History of Quackery
- Modern Day Quackery
- Alternative Medicine

Chapter 17. Innovative Defenses
- I Was Asleep
- I Didnít Feel Well
- I Was Out of my Mind
- I Did It to Save Society
- My Diet Did It
- It Was the Medicationís Fault
- It Was Someone Elseís Fault
- Other

Chapter 18. Dangerous Cults
- Definition of a Cult
- Types of Cults
- Characteristics of a Dangerous Cult
- Some Dangerous Cults

Chapter 19. Capital Punishment
- History of Capital Punishment
- Historical Capital Punishment Methods
- Modern Capital Punishment Methods

Chapter 20. Crimes against Humanity
- Crime against Peace
- Ethnic Cleansing
- Sexual Violence
- War Crime
- State Terrorism
- Non-state Terrorism


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